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Palm Tree Media Group is the Home of Listener Driven Internet Radio!

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About Palm Tree Media

Palm Tree Media Group was formed originally under the name Storm Signal Media Group. After being relocated in the state of Florida, we decided to relaunch under the name Palm Tree Media, and further ENHANCE the goal of being driven by the Listeners, and allowing our stations to succeed.

Our stations focus on pride, and focus on getting the best ratings in the industry. We pride ourselves in having the best music libraries, so that listeners to not hear the same songs over and over. The best thing about being in Palm Tree Media, is that stations are not bound by the rules of the FCC, and can focus on playing the best music on the NET.

What Palm Tree Media Group Specializes in:


Excellent Music Programming, with specialized automation systems

Excellent Air Talent

At Palm Tree Media Group, you will find THE BEST in Air Talent, that has years of experience.

Amazing Imaging

Amazing Station Imaging, along with the BEST of the BEST in Voice Overs!

The Mission of Palm Tree Media Group

The Mission of Palm Tree Media Group is to provide the best listening experience for the listener. We are a group of Internet Radio Stations that are Listener Driven!


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Palm Tree provides Dynamic Content to the Listener on multiple listening platforms!


Easy to navigate website platform(s) that allow you to listen with ease wherever you are!

Interested in Joining?

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Internet Stations

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About the Owner

Mike Foland started in Internet Radio back in 2006 and has a diehard passion for Radio. Mike was an Air Talent for WWSU-FM in Dayton, Ohio and has ran an Internet Station since 2007 with various formats.

Community Based Stations

Palm Tree Media stations enjoy being in the Community, and have served different events for the local listening area. If you have an event that you would like a member of Palm Tree Media to be present at, please contact us!

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